Project Management

This means target forcussed support during complex change management processes.

It is our task as project management or project team member to release you and your employee or other external partners. It is possible to do certain parts of the project.


  • Process chain analysis, developing and adjustment of process chains
  • Organisation development - re-organisation and restructuring
  • Development and reduction of departments / business fields
  • New job definitions
  • Coordination and moderation of partners, lawyers, tax consultants and banks at mergers
  • EDP hardware/software changes

Your advantages

  • We concentrate on the project solution - independent from your daily business - thus reducing the time of the project realisation process.
  • We are free of tunnel visions thus supporting you during change management processes.
  • We are free of internal company interests and are accepted as neutral presenter.
  • We take over the project management and your specialists do not have to handle organisational matters.
  • Based on our knowledge in personnel management we understand human behaviour and integrate it in the project.

Examples out of our consulting activity

  • Working place organisation with a central filing system for an engineering company
  • Support of the EDP-Management of an IT-company during introduction of standard software